The Perfect Dive Experience


Whether you plan to do just a dive here and there, or dive all day, every day, we have you covered.  Tokoriki Island Resort's close proximity to world class reefs allows us to be able to offer you flexible dive itineraries and up to 4 single tank dives each day.

Dive group size is always small, and with 5 PADI Professionals in-house our Pros are able to give you as much attention as you need.  If you are photography mad and wish to be completely selfish, you can.  If you have a keen interest in aquatic life and want everything identified for you, no problem.  If you are newly certified, or it's been a while since you last dived, and you need that extra bit of reassurance, you'll get it.  Pool refreshers are complimentary to all. 

Our diving style, much like our team, is relaxed and friendly.  We never rush, planning an hour underwater (air consumption and depth allowing) on each dive.   Our dive team have amassed over 20,000 dives on the reefs around Tokoriki Island, our expertise evident (we hope) in every aspect of the planning and orchestration of your dive.  Tokoriki Diving places a high emphasis on safety.  There are no short cuts taken, no dive rules broken.  

We all share a passion for scuba diving, a love of working with people, and a deep sense of responsiblity when it comes to protecting and preserving the local reefs and their aquatic life.  As pioneers of the diving in this part of Fiji, we have spent the last twenty years guiding our divers over some of the most beautiful reefs in the world, educating them about aquatic life, and encouraging their participation in our environmental programs such as the Tokoriki Giant Clam Regeneration Project.


To celebrate Tokoriki Diving 2019 Tripadvisor 'Certificate of Excellence' and PADI 5 Star Status we are offering some fantastic SPECIALS to certified divers in 2019.  Please view our Dive Menu


Whilst of course you can bring your own dive equipment with you to Tokoriki, most of our divers choose to hire gear from us.  This is well maintained and serviced by qualified technicians and comes with a dive computer as standard.  Tokoriki Diving is often described as 'Vacation Diving' as there's nothing for you to do!  Regardless of whether it's your gear or ours, we'll set it up, carry it, wash and stow it for you.  

Our dive boat 'Black Jack' is often referred to by diving guests as being the best dive boat they've ever dived from.  She's fast: twin 225 hp engines enable us to get to most of our dive sites within 15 minutes.  She's stable, with wide aluminium pontoons, and her deep V hull allows her to cut through chop with minimal banging.  She's custom built for diving with options for giant stride or backward roll entry.  For exiting the water, you can either remove your gear in the water, or climb up a very easy ladder with your gear still on.  No wobbles, hand rails in all the right places, and your boat captain at hand to put you in a seat once up on deck.


Tokoriki Diving has a proven 20 year track record for safety.  Tokoriki Diving follows PADI and DAN (Divers Alert Network) advice when it comes to safe diving practices.

Maximum Depth Rules

  • PADI Scuba Diver (or equivalent): Maximum depth 12 m/ 40 ft.

  • Open Water Diver: Maximum depth 18 m/ 60 ft.

  • Advanced Open Water Diver or higher (or equivalent): Maximum depth 30 m/ 100 ft.

It is important to understand that should you choose to go deeper than your training level recommended maximum depth, you may not be covered by the dive medical insurance that you hold.  The exception to this is if you are undergoing dive training with a PADI Instructor.  

Need a Certification Upgrade?  

Medical Concerns & Insurance

  • In the interest of safety, Tokoriki Diving recommends that you take out fully comprehensive travel insurance which includes scuba diving in its policy. It is also important to make sure that your insurance cover includes medical evacuation from Fiji.

  • Tokoriki Diving recommends all divers are medically fit to dive as according to the PADI Medical statement.

Flying after Diving Guidelines

  • For a single dive within the No Stop Limit, a minimum pre flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.

  • For repetitive dives and/or multi-day dives, a minimum pre flight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.

Proof of Certification

We accept divers of all accredited agencies.  Certified divers must offer proof of certification either by way of a certification card, email of verification, or log book.  We are able to look up recent PADI and SSI divers' details up online.


Whilst having to be organized is not what holidays are about and we get that 'going with the flow' is the whole point, booking to some degree in advance is helpful to us. 

We are nearly always able to accommodate everyone, but we must cover our backs by saying that we do operate on a first come first serve basis.  So if diving is your main priority, or you are only on Tokoriki Island for a limited period of time, then it makes sense to book your dives in ahead of your arrival.   You can always change things when you get here.

Regardless of whether you book in advance or not, we love it when you get in touch with us ahead of time to say hello!