Hire gear included: 

Dive w/ hire gear: F$235

Dive #5 or more w/ hire gear: F$145

Night Dive w/ hire gear: F$295

bring your own BCD/Regs: 

Certified Dive w/ own gear: F$215

Dive #5 or more w/ own gear: F$130

Night Dive w/ own gear: F$280

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hire gear included:

4 Dives (Pay 3, Dive 4): F$705

8 Dives (Pay 6, Dive 8): F$1140

12 Dives (Pay 9, Dive 12): F$1575

bring your own bcd/regs:

4 Dives (Pay 3, Dive 4): F$645

8 Dives (Pay 6, Dive 8): F$1035

12 Dives (Pay 9, Dive 12): F$1425

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Hire gear included:

PADI Discover Scuba Diving: F$325

Repeat Discover Scuba Diving: F$235

PADI Scuba Diver Course: F$905

PADI Upgrade from SD to OW: F$755

PADI eLearning theory: AUD$210

PADI eLearning Open Water: F$1185

PADI Open Water Course: F$1365

PADI Open Water Referral: F$1075

PADI Advanced Open Water: F$1280

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  • Rates in Fiji dollars include Government Tax.

  • An administration fee of 3% applies if paying by credit card.

  • AUD$10 is donated for every PADI Course completed to PADI Project AWARE.

  • Rates are valid until March 31 2020.

  • All divers must be medically fit to dive according to the PADI Medical Form.

  • Proof of relevant certification is required for all certified divers.

  • It is strongly recommended that all divers have appropriate travel medical and repatriation insurance.

  • Last dive must be made at least 18 hours prior to international flight departure.